This is written for people who want to understand the life of a seaweed harvester who is the owner-operator of a small seaweed company (Maine Seaweed LLC) that primarily harvests seaweed for food and medicine, together with lesser amounts for animal supplementation and fertilizer. Larch Hanson has been working within a five mile radius of his home on Gouldsboro Bay, located to the east of Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor, for over four decades. He sometimes jokes that his longest long-term relationship is with a wood stove and a chimney, but in truth he is connected to a memory of place, the result of 40 years of work with close family, apprentices, and customers who visit. (There’s no charge for an overnight or a weekend stay.) Welcome! Pull up a chair. He’s a storyteller. You could skip around a bit, but every story is told for a reason, to give you a complete understanding of his view.